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There was a question a while ago about the place of Duckburg. There was a 
discussion about this last year on rec.arts.disney. If I remember well, the
outcome was that it can not be desided where Duckburg is, if you take ALL
the comic stories.

In most of the stories, though, Duckburg is a town in the west of the USA.
Barks placed Duckburg in the state of Calisota, USA.

Some loose remarks:

1. In Scarpa's story "Amundsen's Talisman", Duckburg is very clearly
   situated (on a map) on the site of Los Angeles.

2. Before Donald went do Duckburg, he lived in several places:
   - Hollywood (see the address of the letter from his sister/cousin 
     D[umb]ella in a previous thread)
   - Burbanks (where the Disney Studios were; Burbanks is mentioned in the
     Barks story "Maharajah Donald")

   - Quackville (in the march 1944 issue of Walt Disney's Comics & Stories,
     in Barks's 7-page "Kite" story, Donald is reading the "Daily Quack"
     from "Quackville" on the last page)

3. According to Rich Bellacera, Mickey lives in Mouseton, USA. But in most
   of the old comics where Donald and Mickey star together, they live in
   the same town. So Mickey must have moved recently.

4. When looking to some Barks stories, one can tell a few things about
   - it has a beach (and a light tower)
   - it is near the desert, and some peaks like "Old Demon's Tooth" are
   - it _always_ snows with Christmas
   - it has a (Dutch-type) dike to protect the city from the sea
   - it has a river
   - Scrooge's money bin is prominently situated on a hill
     (Rosa called it "Killmotor Hill". Is this a genuine Barks name?)
     on the place of old Fort Duckburgh.
   - Scrooge's money bin is on a street corner
   - etc. etc.

5. In some of the (older) european stories, Donald has to fly to go to the
   Wild West, while his car can take him to, let's say, Italy.


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P.S. Per, have you been to the Duckburg comics convention, last Septober? 8-)

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