Uncle Scrooge story

Torsten Wesley Adair torsten at cwis.unomaha.edu
Sat Apr 17 03:24:42 CEST 1993

	Here's one of my favorite Scrooge stories.  I don't remember the
title, but the plot was this:  US owns a statue similar to the Venus de
Milo.  Two archeologists tell US that they have found the arms.  US buys
them, and attaches them to the statue.  Then the archeologists find other
additions to the statue...

I won't spoil the ending for the two people on this list who haven't read
it yet, but if someone would tell me the title, and the issue number, I
would be most grateful.  I'd like to show it to some of the Art History
professors here on campus.

Torsten Adair	torsten at cwis.unomaha.edu	Omaha, NE, USA

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