Don's per-Disney works

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Tue Apr 20 17:55:17 CEST 1993

Dear Mr. Rosa and all you Disney-duck fans out there,

I just wanted to remark on how much I appreciate this service and
ask Don a few questions if I could.  

Don, would to be possible for you to keep us all up to date with
your plans on future `$crooge and Donald' stories to be watching

Per and I where discussing once if anyone would be interested in
having a list of Don's pre-Disney works.  

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>Don Rosa's pre-Disney works is of course not strictly Disney  
>comics, but still I have a hunch that several people on the list
>would be interested.  At least I would.

Also, there was a reference to one of Don's earlier works...

In: April 13, 1993  The Comics List Weekly  VOL. 3 NO. 15 (Part 6)
Tom Galloway <tyg at valhalla.HQ.Ileaf.COM.> writes:

>If you can find it, the three collections of Rosa's Captain
>Kentucky strip, done weekly for one of the Louisville, Kentucky
>papers are quite good. This came out around a decade or more ago
>though, so it's not easy to find.

As a kid, I use to deliver the afternoon and Sunday newpapers in my
hometown of Bardstown, Kentucky (for six years of my life).  During
that time I would read the adventures of Louisville's very own
super-hero: `Captian Kentucky!'  The strip appeared weekly from
1979 until 1982 (Don, don't kill me if this is not correct!) in The
Louisville Times' Saturday Scene (magazine).

It was the highlight of my week; and this how I first became
extremely familiar with Keno Don Rosa and his work.  I have all
three volumes of The Captain Kentucky Collections autographed by

Since you people are fans you all need to be on the lookout for
Don's other works.  While he was attending the University of
Kentucky he started a comic-strip called "The Pertwillaby(sp?)
Papers".  A few years after he graduated, he did two "P.P." comic-
magazines and I highly recommend them for reading.  These stories
made it on an international level and have been reprinted many
times for several years.  So it's quite possible that copies could
still be found (so ask your local comic-shop of choice about it!). 

Anyway, I was going to summarize merely a few things that I just
happen to have in my collection (understand that I'm down here at
C-ville college, so all of my Rosa-comics are nestled safetly away
at home -- so right now I'm working solely on memory and this
material could be very wrong!) however, since Don is now a member
of our little fellowship... you really don't need me anymore!

Mr. Rosa I am so delighted that you are now a member of disney-
comics and that I could communicate with you here.  You know that
you are someone who I have always greatly appreciated and
admired.  Your career as a comic artist/writer is always been my
greatest dream.  To one day do some of the things that you are now
doing (for any company) no matter how small or insignificant would
truly make my life a happy one!  Well, I hope I haven't taken up
too much of valuable time or bored you too badly.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories,

Gil Milburn <gilbert at>

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