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There has been extensive discussion about contradictions among the
timelines of the various stories, as reflected in the characters'
positions on the family tree, their home towns, etc.  For instance,
Rich Bellacera writes:
> As for mixing the comics and cartoons I don't see the great harm, atleast not
> until there becomes a debate over some details.  For example, I think
> DUCKTALES and Uncle $crooge could very well be somewhere within the same
> timeline.  There are, of course some minor details like Duckworth is a dognose
> in the cartoon, but in the comic his name is Dudsworth and he's a 'duck.'
> Other things like the existence of Webby and Mrs. Beakley, and even Ma Beagle,
> names for the Beagle Boys and Bubba Duck do not generally exist in Uncle
> $crooge, but, I still don't see that as a contradiction, just a difference of
> timing, and a little writer's perogative taken.  Things could be explained if
> there ever was an attempt to make a cohesive universe.  Marvel and D.C. did
> it, but I'm not really advocating that Disney/Gladstone follow that same
> route.
Rich is of course referring to D.C.'s attempt to straighten out their
miriad contradictory "origin" stories and "parallel universes" by
wiping out all the ones they didn't like anymore in the notorious
"Crisis on Infinite Earths" storyline.  For the purposes of the
current discussion, it may be worth noting that when Marvel took over
the "Mighty Mouse" title, they too tried to do away with the old heros,
villains, and plots through a storyline which they called the "Mices on
Inifnite Earths".  It should also be noted that the "Mighty Mouse" comic
folded within a year.  People like the information they're familiar
with in the comics world about Who's Who and What's What, even if it's
completely inconsistent.  As Rich notes, it just gives you more options
of what to believe from story to story, and this seems perfectly appro-
priate for the Disney universe.  So if Duckburg seems to move around
from story to story, let it.  Some years ago the "Washington Post"
devoted an editorial to Disney fandom, and on the basis of some data
provided in selected stories they reached the conclusion that Duckburg
in fact coincides with Washington, D.C.  As they put it (I'm paraphras-
ing from memory), "This means that Duckburg is - here.  Although others
may scoff, we feel that this explains a variety of local phenomena."

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