Disney Comics for sale

Andrew Krieg 5-5379 krieg at ct.med.ge.com
Tue Jun 1 03:16:48 CEST 1993

Here are a few (mostly) Gladstone Disney comics I have for sale.  I've
included their entires from the indices, so you know what's in them.  Prices
are in US dollars.  Postage is extra.  Drop me a line if you are interested
in any of them.

Donald Duck Adventures (Gladstone)		3		NM	 1.25
DDA  3*   32  OS  223     CB  CB      Lost in the Andes

Uncle Scrooge					211		FI	 6.00
US 211*   20  US 26       CB  CB      The Prize of Pizarro
US 211*    4  US 27b      CB  CB      His Handy Andy

Uncle Scrooge					215		NM	 2.00
US 215a   FC                  DJ      O:US, A Cold Bargain
US 215b   27  US 17       CB  CB      T:US A Cold Bargain
US 215c    1  US 17       CB  CB      D:US, quarter gag
US 215d    1  US 17       CB  CB      D:US, teepee gag

Uncle Scrooge			   		261		 M	 1.75
US 261a   FC  KJU-020-1       JMi JMu T:US This is it! "Return to Xanadu" - the sequel you didn't expect!
US 261b   17  D 90314     DR  DR      T:US in Return to Xanadu [part 1]
US 261c    1  US 5        CB  CB      D:US Coin Overboard
US 261d    7  D 9420          Es      T:BB in Notta Lotta Funhouse
US 261e    1  US 6        CB  CB      D:US A Penny For Your Thoughts

Uncle Scrooge Digest				5		VG	 2.00
USD 5a    FC  US 31           CB      O:Keep off the grass
USD 5b     1  BB 2            TS      O:BB Hard Cash
USD 5c    32  US 4        CB  CB      O:US Hawaiian Hideaway
USD 5d     1  DDIMLOS 1051    TS      T:HDL's Mind-Reading Stunt
USD 5e    13  BB 17           KW      T:BB The Defective Detectives
USD 5f     4  US 78           PL      T:GyG The Sculptinker
USD 5g    12  HDLJW 11    CB  KW      T:JW Eagle Savers
USD 5h     4  US 13       CB  CB      O:GyG The Lightning Box
USD 5i     8  BB 8            PA      T:BB Passing the Buck
USD 5j    11  US 78           TS      T:US The Fickle Fortune-Finder
USD 5k     1  US 6        CB  CB      O:US Penny Wise
USD 5l     1  US 40           TS      T:US A Tip or Two

Walt Disney's Comics				516		FI	 1.00
WDC 516*  10  H 7935      M+J M+J     DD  untitled
WDC 516*   4  US 17g      CB  CB      'Gyro goes fishing using a trained sucker fish'

Walt Disney's Comics				526		FI	 1.00
WDC 526a  FC                  DJ      O:DD, nephews dressed as detective look at piggy bank
WDC 526b  10  AR 108          DR      D:DD in Fit to be pied
WDC 526c   6  WDC&S  60       VB      D:LBW in Back to school
WDC 526d   4  US 46       CB  CB      T:GyG a helper's helping hand
WDC 526e   1  KFS...      DF  RM  LM  D:WtP gag
WDC 526f   7  WDC&S 290   CF  PM      T:MM The Phantom Ship, episode i

Walt Disney's Comics Digest			2		FI	 3.00
WDCDG 2a  FC  BROS 129        VB      O:Brer Rabbit an' de Tar Baby
WDCDG 2b  12  BROS 129        PM      T:BR an' de Tar Baby
WDCDG 2c  10  WDC 132     CB  CB      O:DD Ten-Star Generals
WDCDG 2d   7  BROS 208        PM      T:BR in "Gizzards for the 'Gator"
WDCDG 2e  16  MM 69           TS  JL  T:MM Strange Happenings
WDCDG 2f  12  BROS 208        DM      T:BR Does It Again!
WDCDG 2g  32  PPTC 1          DM      T:Captain Hook and the Buried Treasure

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