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Tue Jun 1 15:00:03 CEST 1993


	Harry F. is sharp as ever. "Return to Xanadu" was a one-part (?) story except in the Disney edition where they have too many ads 
to run a, what was it?, 30 pager. The first panel of what Disney used as part 2 was a NEW page, two panels (I think) of which were 
xeroxed, as was most of the background in the first panel. ***BACK UP: I meant to say the first PAGE of what Disney used as part 
2... okay?*** Anyway, the rest of the page was all new art that I did especially for the issue (I did the entire page, including 
the xeroxing and paste-ups). Bob Foster had called to see if I wanted to do  a first page for part 2...but he already knew I'd 
refuse. However, I still wanted my story to look good, especially when published in the only language I can read. So I told him 
I'd do a new page but I'd only send him a COPY of the page -- I kept the original (which is all I ever asked from Disney)... and 
I would not accept their money. I was doing the page for SELFISH reasons, not for pay from the Evil Empire. Besides, if he had PAID 
for the art, it would have been obvious to some eagle-eye that he had commissioned artwork which was missing from the files... my
 way, everyone would think that that page came along with the other photostats from Egmont.
	Now there's no such problem as Disney and now Gladstone return the artwork to me.

	How will Gladstone publish my "Life and Times of $crooge McDuck" series? I know of only two options: either as a feature in the 
bimonthly UNCLE $CROOGE title, which means most of the chapters will be 15 pages, with 3 chapters being full-issue stories. Or they
 will include it in a 12 issue separate title which would also have reprints of panels or stories by Barks, showing from where I 
pulled my facts on $crooge's life. Afterwards, they WILL publish it as a comic album which would need to be very thick (210 pages) 
if they only included the series itself. If they wanted me to write annotations or notes or if they also include articles or more 
Barks referenced reprints, it might need to be REALLY thick, or perhaps a 2 volume set? I don't have any control over these things.

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