Starting with part 3 / Gladstone indexes / Character names

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Thu Jun 3 17:10:48 CEST 1993

Starting with part 3 ("GAAAHHHH")
Don Rosa:
> ASK HIM WHAT HE THINKS HE'S DOING!!!!!!! "Buckaroo of the 
> Badlands" is part THREE of the "Life of $crooge" -- not part 1!!!!

I can't reach mr. Roep right now - he's a busy man. 
I guess he doesn't even know there's an order in the stories... He said he
hadn't seen the story yet (so I guess some other staff member did the

> 	DAMN -- what a way to start my day with #$%^&$& news like that!!!

What are you worrying about? Holland is just a little country where almost
noone ever heard of Don Rosa. And those who *have* heard of you won't
be satisfied with a Dutch translation, as a lot of your texts are

Gladstone and Disney index
I promised there would be new versions of the Gladstone & Disney indexes
this week.
Andy Krieg has made an index for the Gladstone comic albums and giants.
I have to merge his data in our existing indexes, adjust some formats, and
make a new version of the 'creators' list.
All of this takes some time (to do it good), and I am quite busy, so I think
it won't be until next week that new versions of the indexes will be
available on the ftp-site.

International Disney Comic Character Names

Fredrik: yes, Flemish is to Dutch what American is to English (and Mexican
to Spanish etc.) So if nl-be is more standard, do it that way.

And I would have liked ftp better than mailing it all to the list; I only
forgot to tell you that (and now it's too late...)
I guess it will be available on ftp, too (?)


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