Private Duck... Attention!!

Gilbert Milburn gilbert at
Thu Jun 3 20:06:44 CEST 1993

Hello everybody,

     It's good to be back and to see all of your smiling fverybody,#M#J#M#J#M#J~% It's good to be back and to see all of your smiling fM-------------------------------------------

End part 3, more to 
Date:         Mon, 31---------------------------------------------------------=

he succeed singlehandedly, to convinces the General into believing
that "Ol' Petey" is a nut-case. 

     Anyway the way it was edited for television it looked as
though it could have been a series of cartoon shorts... yet, I have
a feeling that it was originally one long cartoon.  Dose anyone out
there know how it was  originally packaged for the theaters?  Also,
what was it entitled?


Gilbert Milburn ("Kill the Bum!!")  
P.S. How did Allied Forces ever win with Donald and Pete on the same side??
And why would anyone want to join to Military after Disney (and other studios)
made military-life look so miserable?!?

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