Digest #35

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Fri Jun 4 16:42:35 CEST 1993

	Lots of lightning here -- excuse the line noise.

	Oh, don't worry about whether or not you could post my script for "War of the Wendigo" or anything else (though I know you're not 
doing it anyway). Disney doesn't own it until it's been printed a certain way. Since they haven't used it,an English version of the 
dialogue is not their property. Disney now owns the art image as that's been printed, but not my words. 

	And to Harry: Whaddiya mean, don't worry about whether Holland screws up my story or not?! What an attitude! I don't care if there 
are only 10 people in Holland and only one of them reads my story and he doesn't know my name! That's not the point! I put a gosh-
awful amount of work into my comics and it is exTREEEEMly irritating if someone screws my stuff all up out of sheer ignorance or 
carelessness! I really expect more from the Dutch publishers than that, I'm I'm counting on YOU to notify them of their mistake before 
it's too late!
	Can anyone read any of this? I sure can't!

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