Flemish Character names

Fredrik Ekman d91fe at ide.ide.hk-r.se
Sat Jun 5 01:42:53 CEST 1993

Per Starback wrote (about Flemish character names on the names list):
>Maybe it shouldn't be there at all?

And Harry Fluks replied:
>Well, should the name list only contain *recent* character's names?
>I don't know.

I suppose I'm the one to answer those questions since I'm in charge of
editing the list, and I don't know either! The major problem with this
list (which I think I already mentioned some time ago) is that it can
NEVER be complete. Not even if I had an unlimited budget, a staff of
500 people and could work full time on the project, we could never be
completely sure that it'd really be complete. As it is, we can have no
more than a small fraction of all the disney characters and their names.
Thus, the question rises (again) as of where to stop. Does anyone bother
that the Tramp is called Lufsen in Swedish, or that Bongo's name is
Bongo in Swedish, Bongo in Norwegian and Bongo in Spanish, too? I just
don't have a clue. As for the Flemish names (thanks for the info, Harry)
I think it should be there. Those old stories probably carry some value,
at least for some Disney-loving, Flemish-speaking person...

As for what else should be there, I have asked you before (without
getting too much response) what you think should be there. For the time
being, I'll just keep it pretty much as it is, without deleting anything
and adding as many translation as I can and only occasional characters
that I think are more important than the average. But then again, who am
I to judge?

So; what do you think?

  /Fredrik Ekman

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