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Don Rosa:
DR> First comment -- what happened to #37-39? Or did I see those long
DR> ago? A "digest" has not appeared on my feed for about a week or
DR> more. Did I miss any?

Probably not.  The list has been very slow lately and there were
almost five days between the last two digest.  In the earlier one of
those Wilmer Rivers mentioned some comics dealers' show with a display
of Carl Barks oil paintings.  

I also saw what someone else wrote on this in another forum (Michael
Purcell in Comics-L):

> The main guests were Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Peter David, and
> Carl Barks.  There were another 50 or so comic writers and artists
> that were there representing their titles/companies.  There was a Carl
> Barks' exhibit of his Disney oil paintings that was just AWESOME!

Was Barks actually there???  I didn't think he'd ever attend anything
like that.  (I know that he attended one con, but that was way back in
'76 or '77, wasn't it?)

As for Humphrey Bear:
Harry> WD's Comics & Stories 162 (English title unknown; about 14 pg.)

Harry> Donald Duck Beach Party 6 (Title: HB and the ranger - The
Harry> Bashful Brute; 8 pg.)

The later one of those is not reprinted in the USA, according to
Becattini's index.  According to that index there is also a Humphrey
story in Silly Symphonies #9.
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