Carl Barks in Atlanta

Wilmer Rivers rivers at beno.CSS.GOV
Tue Jun 15 22:17:42 CEST 1993

Per writes of the comics dealers' show in Atlanta:
> Was Barks actually there???  I didn't think he'd ever attend anything
> like that.  (I know that he attended one con, but that was way back in
> '76 or '77, wasn't it?)

That Carl Barks would actually be there to receive his tribute in person
was very heavily advertised for several months in advance, precisely
because the scarcity of his public appearances would make this be a
special con indeed.  Another writer/artist whose appearance was heavily
advertised, in conjunction with that of Barks, was Don Rosa (quite
appropriately).  **Perhaps** we can therefore be treated to a brief
first-hand report about the Carl Barks tribute in advance of publication
of news stories about it in the fan-boy press.  Please???

Wilmer Rivers
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