"Starting with #3", about Rosa's stories in Holland

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Wed Jun 16 15:34:23 CEST 1993

Don Rosa's COMMENTS ON #40:

> 	Harry:
> 		Did you get ahold of Tom Roep or ANYBODY at Oberon and tell
> them that they're messing up my series????

Yes, after several tries I got someone of GP on the line: Jos Beekman, the
editor of 'Donald Duck Extra'. This is what he said:

The Egmont material gets to Holland quite chaotically. At the time they had
to fill DD Extra #7, they only had 'Buckaroo of the Badlands' (Life of Scrooge
part 3). They *knew* that it was part 3, not part 1. They *wanted* to put
things in the right order, but they didn't have the right material at the
time, and they *had* to fill the comic. (And with a *good* story:
Jos Beekman considers Rosa stories good stories 8-)

It is far too late to change anything of the contents of DD Extra #7 now.

The other parts *will* be issued in the right order in Holland.
Some of the references in part 3 to the previous parts are still there in the
Dutch translation (Jos mentioned something about a diary - I don't know the
So real Rosa fans can read the stories in the right order by the end of the

Jos also said that about 25% of the readers of DD Extra can distinguish
Rosa, Van Horn, and Branca stories from less-quality stories. The average
amount of buyers of the comic is 40,000 (average readers: 80,000). So there
must be about 20,000 Rosa fans in Holland...

The Dutch translation of the Sneekah Peak story (Fortune on the Rocks) is done
from a German translation of the story. So there is very little chance that
the original texual gags have survived in the Dutch version. We'll see, at the
end of the week, when DD Extra #6 is in the shops.

Some general info on the contents of Dutch DD Extra:
#6  - Fortune on the Rocks (Rosa)
#7  - Life of Scrooge part 3 (Rosa)
#9  - Roboduck (Marco Rota)
#10 - A Small Matter (Van Horn)
#11 - Life of Scrooge part 1 (Rosa)
#12 - Life of Scrooge part 2 (Rosa)

and there will be Branca backup stories throughout the issues.
All stories, except in #6, are from Egmont.

Jos Beekman sends you his greetings, Don. He said he never met you, and he 
wondered how you knew that your story 'Pied piper of Duckburg' had no credits
in Holland, since you can't read Dutch. Did some other Dutch fan tell you?
Maybe you talked with Michel Nadorp?

That's all for now (time to update our Rosa checklist...)


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P.S. Don: I'm still working on getting all Dutch issues with your stories in
them, to send to you. I'm afraid not everything is available; I may have to
buy *used* comics...

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