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Thu Jun 17 10:15:32 CEST 1993

Now I've looked at Sothey's catalog for its comics auction June 26.  I
was wrong on what Barks stuff there were.  This is what they have:

 * Cover artwork to Donald Duck Album 1140.  They list it as
   "$2,000-3,000".  I guess that is the estimated price.

 * Original art for page 1, 17, and 20 of "The Queen of the Wild Dog Pack"
   (US 62). Each $3,500--4,500.

 * The Watercolor "The Witches of Salem", 1979.  $1,000--1,500.

 * The original for an illustration in Overstreet '76.  $2,500--3,000.

 * Conceptual Pencil Drawing for either "A Tall SHip and a Star to
   Stear Her By" or "Sailboat", 1977, pencil on vellum.  $750--1,000.

 * Pencil Concept Drawing for a Parade Poster, 1982.  $750--1,000.

 * The oil painting "Hands Off My Playthings".  $75,000--95,000.

 * "Always Another Rainbow", bone china figurine with accessories.

Strips and Sunday pages:

 * Al Taliaferro -- Donald Duck Sunday page, March 10, 1957.

 * Al Taliaferro -- Donald Duck Daily Strip, January 1, 1954.

Those are in the daily strips section of the catalog.  Earlier in the
Disney section there's:

 * Group of Mickey Jouse and Donald Duck Daily Strips, 1969--1981,
   (11) each $800--1,000.

I guess there are different persons doing the the price estimates for
the various sections?

There's also some groups of old comics and some Disney children's
books art artwork for such.

The item by Rosa is described like this in the catalog:

 * Don Rosa -- Drawing of Disney Characters, circa 1970's, pen and ink
   on paper, depicting various poses of Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge.
   13 in. (33 cm.) by 9 3/4 in. (24.8 cm.)

   The artist has confirmed that this original was the tryout sheet
   sent to Another Rainbow, Gladstone publishing, to convince publisher
   Bruce Hamilton of Don Rosa's artistic skill in rendering Scrooge

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