Private Duck (third time is the charm!)

Gilbert Milburn gilbert at
Thu Jun 17 16:51:08 CEST 1993


Oh Hi,

     This is cute... I came in today to check my messages and
received a friendly little note from the Mail Delivery Subsystem.

> From: Mail Delivery Subsystem <MAILER-DAEMON>
> Subject: Returned mail: Host unknown

     All this trouble over a *few* simple questions (is that too
much to ask?).  If this comes back to me again I'll just have to
kill somebody (that's all)!!!  Oh yeah, have a nice day =)


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Date: Fri, 11 Jun 93 12:35:11 EDT
From: Gilbert Milburn <gilbert>
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Subject: Re: Private Duck... Attention!!

Hello again,

(I haven't  been in since last week in part due to the weather!..
I will explain below.)

Per you said this about my last dispatch to the list:
> which looks all garbled to me.  If you send a correct version 
> before I send out the next digest, I'll just include the correct
> version in the digest.

     I'm sorry about that garbage that got sent to the list last
time... However, there is no great *mystery*  for me, what
transpired here.  There was even a comment made by Mr. Rosa that
pretty much says it all.
On: 04 Jun 93 10:42:35 EDT.
Don Rosa <72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM> said...   

>    Lots of lightning here -- excuse the line noise.

     Don didn't really relay the *whole* story here!  Kentucky has
had some really hazardous **Thunderstorms** over the last week and
a half!!  Fallen trees, homes and businesses seriously damaged as
well as phone and power outages (the whole 9 yards!)!!  

     In fact one of my digest cuts off right in the middle of Per
Starback's "Barks's non-Disney comics".  I did not even get Harry
Fluks' "Flemish Character names" or Don Rosa's "Re: Digest #35"!

     Does anyone out there save the materials that come out on the
list and/or digest??  If so could you repost some of the things I

I recently asked Per: 
> Is there anyway to repost those (28-30) that I'm missing???

Per> I don't save the digests as such, but I their headers, so I
Per> know what messages were in them, and since I keep all messages
Per> sent to the list I could resend those messages to you.  [...] 

     Per, I need all that stuff you sent me a list of!   

     The weather service is forecasting more storms for the
Kentucky area (let's see if I can beat them here!) we'll try this
again and hopefully their will be mo more 

     Here's my letter...  


Date: Thu, 3 Jun 93 14:06:44 EDT
From: Gilbert Milburn <gilbert at>
Subject: Private Duck... Attention!!

Hello everybody,

     It's good to be back and to see all of your smiling faces
again (sort-of,) =D.  Let's hope your glad to hear from me again
("GROWN - Boo - Hiss!!").

     I have a wee little question.  I recently saw on T.V. an old
World War II Disney cartoon where Donald had enlisted (or was
drafted!) in the Military.  He was of course under the best
commander to steer him into `being all that he could be' the
amiable Sgt. "Black" Pete!  Poor Donald, how he ever survived
basic-training is beyond me.  Although he gets the last laugh when
he succeed singlehandedly, to convinces the General into believing
that "Ol' Petey" is a nut-case. 

     Anyway the way it was edited for television it looked as
though it could have been a series of cartoon shorts... yet, I have
a feeling that it was originally one long cartoon.  Dose anyone out
there know how it was  originally packaged for the theaters?  Also,
what was it entitled?


Gilbert Milburn ("Kill the Bum!!")  

P.S. How did Allied Forces ever win with Donald and Pete on the
same side??  And why would anyone want to join to Military after
Disney (and other studios) made military-life look so miserable?!?


P.S. Per I'm NOW missing Digest #40!.. Why me??

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