Digest #42

Tom Galloway tyg at valhalla.HQ.Ileaf.COM
Thu Jun 17 23:12:53 CEST 1993

Don Rosa writes:

>Oh, and I wrote the RBCC "Information Center" and did comic stories with my
>own characters which I now am slowly turning into Duck stories, one by one,
>same plot - scenes- etc. 

So does this mean we can look forward to the return of Octa-Hexa-Glop?
Or a yearly Kentucky Derby story? And does the Channel 32 Sky-Cam need
to be worried again? (for those wondering, I'm refering to Don's Captain
Kentucky strip which I was introduced to in The Comic Reader way back when
and have the collections of. Don't have the Lance Pertwilaby (sp?) 
collections though, which I guess are much more likely for duck stories)

As for how my dealer heard about Barks, the impression I got from him was
that it seemed to be fairly common knowledge among the attendees, probably
due to your not being introed to Barks and the like. I can ask him for
more details if you like.

tyg   tyg at hq.ileaf.com

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