Ducks, Vikings and Misanthropy

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Fri Jun 18 12:22:51 CEST 1993

David Gerstein:
> 	By the way... Disney prepared three long Egmont time-travel DD
> stories for use here, planning to make albums out of them, but as so often
> happened the publishing division laid eggs when it came to figuring out how
> to market them, so they never appeared.  They were announced in lettercols
> several times, however, and Gary Gabner's writing and someone's color were
> apparently finished for them.

Now that you mention it: I have seen your name quite a lot in Disney
Comics letter columns. In one of your letters you mention a German artist
re-inking Barks's "King Scrooge the first" for Gladstone. The artist must
be Ulrich Schroeder. Disney replied that the reinked story was sent back to
the artist, so that he could make some minor changes. The artist then
destroyed the work because he was not satisfied with it!
Are we supposed to *believe* that??

> I have seen Vicar's "Back to the Stone Age!" in a German printing, and
> it's far, far beyond anything Vicar ever did elsewhere.  

Agreed. The story's not that great, but the artwork is!

> I don't know what
> Rota's item is like, but I can't imagine it's that *bad!!!*  

That one is very good, too. It's the one about Vikings. I hope you Americans
will get to see them someday.


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