Fred Milton's woodpeckers

Larry J. Gerstein Larry.J.Gerstein at Dartmouth.EDU
Tue Jun 22 17:32:15 CEST 1993

	Dear Folks (especially Per),

	I've just started going through the last few days' digests.  I
haven't read them all, so this may be not the last item I send today.

	Anyway, Per read my description of a Milton Woody story (the only to
see print here) which Harvey used as "Danger at Sea," a ten-pager involving a
sneezing dragon.  "What story is that?" asks Per.  Well, Per, you're right on
the button, as that's just the one Harvey printed.  The translation was
pretty bad... it appears that their MGM and Lantz foreign comics come to them
with stilted scripts like the stuff I've been RE-dialoguing for Gladstone,
only Harvey leaves it just as it comes to them, of course.

	The editor-in-chief of Harvey, Sid something-berg, (I've forgotten
just now), told me that the only way they can make ANY profit on their books
is only to have new covers done, but the inside has to be all reprint
material, so whether it's old or foreign, they have to use it JUST as it
comes.  Hence the obviously cracked original plates for OG 9's Benny Burro in
Tom and Jerry 50th Anniv. Special...  they obviously couldn't have anyone
retouch them. 

	With their resources, I think Harvey is REALLY the wrong company to
be doing MGM and Lantz characters.  (They appear to have LOST Felix the Cat,
by the way.)

	I'll be clocking back in in a little while.

	Your friend,

	David Gerstein

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