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Source:	Comics Buyer's Guide  #1025  July 9, 1993  p. 132

[illustration of page showing Goofy looking for a purple cow.  Sight gags
include a winged horse in a nest while winged foals fly around, and a
statue head being placed atop a statue via catapult.]

"Gladstone Proudly Presents Epic Mickey and Goofy!

	"Occasionally, a publisher happens upon a new or heretofore
undiscovered "treasure" significant enough to justify a celebration.  Such
is the case now, with regard to an exciting collection of Mickey Mouse
gems Gladstone has unearthed.
	"In the late 1970s and early 1980s the Walt Disney Studios
produced approximately 20 feature-length stories featuring Mickey and
Goofy.  Many were written by Greg Crosby, now Vice President of
International Marketing at Disney, and all were drawn by Jaime Diaz at his
finest.  Those familiar with some of the more recent output of the Jaime
Diaz Studios in Argentina are perhaps wondering what we're getting excited
about.  Simply that Diaz' earlier material, represented by these Mickey
and Goofy epics, are a completely different matter.  With them, the page
layouts are innovative and the art work is densely packed with background
details and humorous gags worthy of Harvey Kurtzman's MAD comic books.
	"These 40-page plus stories were created by Disney to distribute
to licensees worldwide for publication but, to our knowledge, few were
ever used, possibly due to their length.  We at Gladstone feel that the
high quality of art and humor in these tales should not be kept from our
readers, and so we have decided to print six of the best in Donald and
Mickey over the next few years.  Most will be serialized over three
issues, but as a special introduction to Gladstone fans, we will run the
first story, "A Very Goofy King Midas", in its entirety in our double-size
issue of Donald and Mickey #20.
	"Reproduced above is one page from this wacky take off on the King
Midas myth.  If the style and technique apparent here appeals to you,
you're sure to love this story's other 43 pages.
	"Watch for Donald and Mickey #20--a big 64-page comic book for
just $2.95--available at comic shops this September, and give our Mickey
and Goofy find a try.  We know you'll be glad you did."

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