Even more question (for Don) about Lance!..

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Torsten Adair said:

> Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1993 22:19:29 -0500 (CDT)
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> Subject: Re: More questions (for Don) about Lance

> On Wed, 1 Sep 1993, Gilbert Milburn wrote:


> Yes, that's all that I received.  Blank space.  A tabula Rosa, if
> you will.

Thanks Torsten,
     That's the second time that has happen... I don't know what's
going on but here we go again!..

Hello again,

On August 31 1993 in the Disney-comics digest #89 Don Rosa said:

> Gil and whoever else:
>    I can't explain that remark that there were enough Pertwillaby
> Papers left AFTER issue #1 of DRC&S to fill "three more volumes".
> There was clearly only enough to fill ONE more volume. Perhaps I
> wanted them to reprint the daily strips at that time. Yeah -- 
> maybe I vaguely recall that they balked at that because they had
> been reprinted in COLLECTOR'S DREAM and RBCC already? Who knows
> after 10 years (and that's just since the REPRINTS). But I did 
> attempt to finish "Knighttime", doing one more 10 page episode 
> back in '83, which no human eyes have ever seen except maybe 
> mine.

Dear Don,

     Here a `wee' little thought for you about RE-reprinting those
issues of: DON ROSA COMICS AND STORIES!  Put them into a GIANT
size comic album  episodes #1-138 (and MAYBE even include "Captain
Kentucky" episodes #1-150).  As well as the never before published
"P.P." #139 and #140 (are these the "Knighttime" episodes?) and if
the "C.K." stuff is incorporated, then episode #290 (I guess it
would be) of "P.P." would have to be included  and they also have 
never been seen by any other human, besides YOU!..  maybe TWO
albums would be more appropriate!  Oh, yeah while we are on the
subject of "Lancey" an `associate' of mine said he had once spoke
to you and had asked if your lovely wife was the model for "Ms.
Feather Fluff" (specifically, the secretary who burned Lance's arm
in one of the C.K. episodes--which was why she was listed as one of
the `people insulted in the back of the first 50 episodes')
according to him you said that she was!.. is this *true* at all?? 

Don this said:
> [...] I retired from cartooning for 4 years until Gladstone 
> appeared. Then I found that the same plots featuring Lance that
> people cared nothing for became VERY popular when I put the Ducks
> in them. That's the sort of knowledge that will always help me 
> remember "my  place". It's the DUCKS that make me popular. 
>    Anyway, I have no advice for you to help find old RBCCs or
> COLLECTOR'S DREAMs. I plan on turning ALL those stories into Duck
> stories eventually at which time they'll be improved with 
> slightly (but not much) better art and NO ROSA LETTERING. So I 
> suggest you just wait.

     Using this NEW found popularly of yours, this could be a
chance for your Disney-fans to own a piece of pre-Disney Rosa
nostalgia.  If you would consider THIS proposal, then do you think
that the ole "C.K." publisher (the same company that published
"Captain Marvel/SHAZAM"!) -- Gladstone or maybe even Egmont would
facilitate this endeavor?  Although, I will be eagerly awaiting the
translation of ALL those stories into Duck epics!.. I STILL would
LOVE to see your ol' boy Lance back in action again, if only in

Your Friend and Fan,

Gil Milburn <gilbert at unix.campbellsvil.edu>


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