The Phantom of Notre Duck

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Wed Sep 8 20:04:01 CEST 1993

James Williams (welcome back from summer vacation!) asked about The
Phandom of Notre Duck:

Yes, it's by and only by Barks. 

> If so, I think it is the worst Barks' story I've ever read.  It never
> explains why a duplicate of Notre Dame is in Duckburg.

I don't think it looks that much like Notre Dame.  It's "just" a
cathedral.  Of course it's never explained why Duckburg would have a
cathedral, as that would go into religion, surely a taboo subject!
(I agree that it is a bit mysterious though, but I don't care much
about that.)

>							  It never
> explains who the phantom is and why he looks like he does.

Why not? :-)

>							      HD&L's
> dog magically appears in the second half of the story.

There is surely surely nothing mysterious or magical about that at
least.  They boys simply go away to get the dog!

> What do others think of this story?  

Well, it's not one of my favourites, but surely not one the Barks
stories I like the least either.  This is US 60 from 1965, that is
pretty late in Barks's comic book career.  None of the stories made
around that time belong to my Barks favourites.  I agree that this is
a somewhat weak story though; I like US 57--59 better.
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