Scrooge goes broke!

Charles D. Ellis cde at
Sat Sep 11 23:32:22 CEST 1993

Forwarded message:
> From torsten at Sat Sep 11 15:48:18 1993

> (Hmmmm.....  If Gladstone really wanted to gain some publicity, they
> could cause Uncle Scrooge to go bankrupt.  How about it Don?  Are you up
> to doing a metallic, die-cut, embossed, lenticular, holographix,
> pop-up cover of Uncle Scrooge?)
	An hilarious idea! Congratulations, Torsten!

	And, after making the gasping public by it in installments
spread throughout all their titles at $2-5 a pop, they could
reprint the whole thing in an $8 book as DC did.

	Maybe Scrooge on his "deathbed" could send out Donald as a
"fake" Scrooge, as did Batman (so I hear).

	What an inspired afterthought Torsten has thrown our way.

Charlie Ellis   
cde at

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