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Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Tue Sep 14 23:50:06 CEST 1993

> [...]	So if the person who used to type in CBG Gladstone ads could
> do that again if something interesting appears, I'd be *very*
> thankful.

It's mostly Torsten we have to thank for that sort of thing, I think,
and I'm also thankful for that and any type of related info.  I don't
read e.g., CBG, and even if I did, I'd get it later than you US
people, so please continue mentioning relevant news items from as many
sources as possible here.

David again:
> Also, while I'm at it, if whoever supplied data on WDC&S #4 to
> wdc.index was willing to send me Xeroxes of Mickey Mouse "In Search of
> Jungle Treasure" Part 1 was willing to send me a Xerox, [...[

wdc.index is straight from Kjell Cron'e, who isn't on this list.  I
could ask him about it when I send him the updates to wdc.index that
you sent me long time ago.  (I haven't sent them to him yet, *blush*.)
But I don't know if he has it or if he got the info from somewhere
else.  Maybe you'll find someone else here who can help you with that
ish, I certainly can't.

Regarding those stories that you have dialogued, I'm curious about
these Egmont stories that you find better than most of them.  Is there
any Scandinavian reader who knows in what issues some of these have
been published over here?
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