Readership, Magica De Spell, and Jim Fletcher.

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Wed Sep 15 17:48:29 CEST 1993

> -- but am I correct, then, that ALL the 64 or so members of the
> Disney group see the same messages as the 11 Digest-receivers, but
> they simply don't receive it all in digest form, right???

Exactly.  The digest is just an option for those of you who thinks it
more convenient to get less messages in your mail boxes, at the
expense of not receiving the messages immediately.

> And they can all post messages which would appear in the Digest?
> If that's true, they are very quiet!

I think most members of most mailings lists are quiet lurkers.  I'm a
"read-only member" of most mailings lists I'm on anyway, so I see
nothing wrong with that, even though I'd also welcome more voices
here.  Probably there are several subscribers who just have a passing
interest in Disney comics and skim through the messages looking for
something that might be of interest to them.

> Also, you made a point of mentioning that several of the US
> users are on General Electric Co. computers.

Just two...

> Remember "Rug Riders In The Sky?" (US fifty-something). In that Barks story,
> Magica is after a (flying) carpet, not after a dime.

Oops, I forgot about that one.  It seems like there will always be
exceptions to general statements.

> BTW: has anyone ever heard of Jim Fletcher?

Yes, he is mentioned in Beccatinis Index.  (BTW, did you ever get
that?  BTW2, does anyone know if part 2 of it will be published soon?)
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