Bop (re: Barks Favorites)

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Mon Sep 20 10:17:14 CEST 1993

David wrote:
> 	As for my own favorite Barks stories:
>  1. Voodoo Hoodoo           No other story grabbed me quite like this
>                             one, which I first read in Gladstone Comic
> 			    Album #16 at the age of 14.  I liked it so
>                             much that I read it *every* day for the
>                             week after that, twice on some days.  I
>                             have yet to see Bop Bop in a new story...
> 			    one of these days, I'm gonna do one.

I don't think the guy is called Bop Bop, just Bop. On the first page
of the story, Donald says: "Hi, Bop, Bop! You're an expert (...)"
It sounds to me that Donald is just saying Bops name twice: first greeting
him, and then as "introduction" to the next question.

And you will have the problem that Don Rosa once pointed out: will you use
the original version of Bop (Bop), or the censored version? (But if you're
selling stories to Egmont, the original Bop (Bop) would be most appropriate,
because the Voodoo Hoodoo story was never censored in Europe.)


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