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Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Fri Sep 24 00:41:18 CEST 1993

> Hi.  I'm Ole Reichstein Nielsen, or just ROC (thats COMMANDER ROC to you!).

Hi there!  Hmm, doesn't that come out as "ORC"?

> ... and recently started subscribing on Swedish Kalle Anka & C:o.
> Yesterday, my first Norwegian issue arrived.  I'm Back.

What dedication!  What on earth do you need Danish, Swedish, *and*
Norwegian issues for?  They are almost the same anyway, right?

> I have indexes of all the Danish AA&Co, (up to '82 from "Carl Barks & Co.")
So this is Martin Olsen's "Det Store Index", right?  Are there any
problems with spreading it?

(Ole has since sent me lots of files that will appear on the ftp
archive eventually.  (That computer doesn't respond right now.)

> More interestingly, it reveals that Gyro is based on the same
> character as Gus Goose. In 1937 Barks worked on a cartoon, 'The
> Interior Decorator.' Barks did part of the script and the storyboard,
> and made Gus the always-eater. The project was cancelled due to a weak
> story-line, though there were some good gags. Later Gus, who had
> gotten a lot fatter, appeared in 'Donald's Cousin Gus.' The original
> 'slim-line' version of Gus was later used as a model for Gyro.  Well,
> it's news to me.

There are some storyboards for Interior Decorators in Carl Barks
Library, set II, but the Gus in them reminds me more of Gus than of
Gyro, even though I guess there are similarities.  Anyway, I don't
have late issues of those German fanzines and I'm not sure what the
current address of D.O.N.A.L.D. is.  Anyone know?  (Otherwise I'll
look it up somewhere.  I've been on my way to rejoin it for some time
--       "
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