Accents in word balloons (was: Voices)

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Tue Sep 28 07:57:06 CET 1993

Per Starback  <starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE> writes:

> Torsten:
> > The easiest way to denote an accent in writing is to change da spellin' uv
> > da letturz so dat da readurz kin undahstands dat chur writin' in, uh,
> > di-uh-lekt, and not Uhmurican.
> Such comic book spellings are not common at all in Sweden (I guess
> they are afraid the kids won't learn to spell properly if they read
> too much of it), but I think they add colour to the dialogues.
Brer Bear used to speak with some Swedish equivalent of hillbilly
accent (V{sterg|tland? Sm}land?) in the fifties. Oddly enough, I
think he was the only one in those Li'l Bad Wolf stories who spoke
like that. Anyway, it did add colour and it's a pity they changed

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