Dutch DD

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Wed Sep 29 09:19:21 CET 1993

> 	1.  Harry:  How much does a subscription to that Dutch weekly
> *cost*??  I would love to get it!  Just what I need...

I think it's 1.75 guilders a week. Would that be one dollar? I don't know
the guilder/dollar rate...

Dutch Donald Duck weekly has not much interesting, these days... Almost all
Barks material has been reprinted (they're re-reprinting some of it). Most 
issues have a Danish opening story (usually Vicar), and uninteresting Dutch
fillers. One in a while there's a Dutch opening story, and sometimes it's a
good one. But I haven't seen Jippes in ages.
And there NEVER is a Rosa story in the DD weekly (they are in the monthly 
DD Extra; you can't subscribe to that).
There is one thing to look forward to every week: the (Dutch) back cover gag.
They are actually very good, IMHO.

(Do other Dutch members agree?)


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