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Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Tue May 3 15:17:18 CEST 1994

Don wrote:
> Yes, I'll be at the cons in Europe I mentioned.

Have I got them all?

	Frankfurt and Erlangen May 30--June 6.
	Book and library fair in Gothenburg October 26--30.
	Something in Oslo???
	Alvsjo outside Stockholm November 5--6.

> I might swear off American cons like in Oakland, however. [...]

Do as you wish, but if you go to them anyway please tell us about it
beforehand!  That might increase the number of duck fans there.

In the COMIX mailing list I read about a comics festival in Zurich
April 30--May 23, and one of the artists there is Ulrich Schroeder
(May 7--8) who has done some Disney work, so I added it too to the
"upcoming" file.

I've also updated the entries on Barks's stay in Sweden there.  Before
it seemed like Swedish fans would get no opportunity at all to see
Barks during his visit here, but things have changed and NAFS(k) will
be allowed to arrange a public meeting with Barks Sunday June 19.
More information on this meeting will be sent out to NAFS(k) members
later.  I think it's hard to think of any questions I'd like to ask
Barks.  It seems like I've already seen him answer every question I
could think of that I would be interested in his answer for.

What will happen in all the other countries Barks will visit?  At the
NAFS(k) annual meeting recently I heard something about a panel
discussion (?) and other stuff in Norway, but I don't remember exactly
what I heard.  I think Geir was involved in it though.  Could you tell
us more about this, Geir?
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