family tree!

Sigurdur Hrafn Gislason shg at
Wed May 4 13:46:47 CEST 1994

Whee, I just got my first part of Rosa's family tree. I look forward to
many sleepless nights, wondering what stickers are coming in the 
next issue.
Anyway I read some danish issues a while ago and noticed that the 
characters were presented there with a small background history.
Some relative of Scrooge's binged himself to death in a royal larder?
Another bricked himself in his treasury, when raiders were approaching?

None of these tidbits appear in our icelandic version.
Can someone tell me the english names of the family and their history?

Concerning last Egmont issue.
Was that long, 13 page story done by Van Horn? It was about Donald's 
relative who visits Donald right after jail.
It was pretty good.

Concerning Barks
I was in my local Comic shop,talking to the owner. The owner is a young man 
my age and we have known each other for a long time. He was very eager
to join, once I told him about you guys. He showed me some Barks stories
puplished by Gladstone, in a rather large thin format. Each book was
numbered and he had numbers from 1 till 21 or something. I naturally 
got very excited since I saw there stories there which I haven't seen
since I was about 8. Then I looked at the price, ca.20 Us$ for each
issue. You probably know of this books, are they really that expensive.
I am not going to invest that much money.


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