Barks trip to Norway / Europe

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Wed May 4 18:31:49 CEST 1994

I mentioned that I thought that Geir knew something about the Norway
part of Barks's trip later this year, but he wrote:

Geir> I myself havent heard a word about what is going to happen in
Geir> Norway, except for having had some revised schedules sent to me
Geir> recently from the USA.

I thought I heard your name mentioned in connection with that, but
actually it was Geir *Arveng*.  This is the second time I've confused
you too.  This is sooo embarrassing.  Couldn't one of you get another
name? :-)  Anyway, what I've gathered from what NAFS(k) has heard
about this is that Geir Arveng has arranged some kind of Barks exhibit
at Tusenfrid (?) outside/in Oslo, and that maybe Barks will be there
when it opens.
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PS on my ending quote: A long, long time ago Tryg wrote
> I like your tagline!   (Wish I had thougt of it first... :) )
Digging through my archives I find that I've used it as a signature
quote since August 1987 (the first time on a message on Edmund Hoyle
and poker by the way).  But it wasn't until October 1989 I noticed
that I had misspelt it ("ramble" twice and no "gamble").  *Sigh*, it
seems like it's very hard to spell in signatures...

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