April, May and June

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Harry summarized Daisy's nieces' history:

> [...]
> 4. 1960 Dell Giant #33 (Daisy D. and U$ Showtime). If this comic was
>         published after DDD 1150, the Price Guide is wrong about it
>         being the first (named) appearance of AM&J.

Now I've checked the Swedish publications of the stories in Giant #33,
and I didn't find Daisy's nieces anywhere.  The only story I couldn't
check was the 10-page Gyro story "Bad Deed Club's Annual Picnic", as
it hasn't been published in Sweden.  Are AM&J really in it, or is that
Overstreet note totally off?

> AM&J have at least been the backup-stories in the Ludwig Von Drake comic.
> Was this before or after WDC 308?

They are the title characters of some stories in Ludwig Von Drake #1-4
from December 1961 to May 1962, a long time before WDC 308 (May 1966).

There's also the Phil DeLara's "Clubhouse Crashers"  from Giant #38
(Nov. '60), his "The Bewitched Dolls" from Giant #39, and Bradbury's
"The Toy Testers" from Giant #47 (Aug. '61).  (I've been looking at
"April, May, and June", "Daisy's nieces", and "Donald's nephews and
Daisy's nieces" in Alberto Becattini's Disney Index.)
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