WANTED: PREVIEWS of Gladstone's 15th month

Fabio Gadducci gadducci at DI.UniPi.IT
Fri May 6 09:35:26 CEST 1994

>        Dear Folks,
>        The new issues of DIAMOND PREVIEWS and ADVANCE COMICS have
>apparently been published for the new month.  As usual, I'm stuck in
>Williamstown and have no comic shop accessible.
>        Can someone tell me -- and all of us -- what either of these
>catalogs says about the new releases from Gladstone for this month?
>The ones I know for sure are:
>        UNCLE $CROOGE #288
>        I'm particularly interested in whether any backup stories to
>Rosa's LO$ are listed in U$ -- because one of my dialogues may be used
>in that issue.

Hi all!

Just a quick reply (I promise today I'll reply to all of you who still are
waiting for an answer of some kind from me... :-)

I haven't at hand the Diamond preview, but I remeber that there is a
11-page Tony Strobl backup story in US288.

Are'nt you happy, all of you Strobl's fans?! :-)


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