Disney comics in Egypt

Fredrik Ekman d91fe at titan.pt.hk-r.se
Sun May 8 00:41:04 CEST 1994

4 May, David wrote:
> 	A few months ago we were discussing _Miki_, the Egyptian
> Disney weekly, which mostly featured D- and S-coded stories according
> to whoever had it (I'm sorry, but I don't remember who this was).

That was me, mostly.

> [...]
> 	The book reprinted a crossword puzzle from the Egyptian MM
> weekly.  It suggests that the locally produced stories, if they're
> drawn by the same guys as the puzzle, are or at least were VERY poorly
> drawn.  The crossword puzzle was, in fact, the poorest piece of
> officially-licensed Disney art I have ever seen in my life.
> 	There was also a reproduced cover.  Weird.  Showed MM
> celebrating Ramadan by lighting off a sky-rocket, and it was drawn
> firmly in a Depatie-Freleng "Pink Panther"-type cartoon style, with
> the sole exception of Mickey's face -- a generic side view, albeit
> with obvious pie-slices added to the pupils of his eyes.

Was the puzzle and the cover made by the same artist, do you think?
And I don't suppose you mean to say that the crossword picture was
actually worse than Giuseppe Perego's art. Please don't destroy my

The thick Arabian book I got from Even featured a few covers that
were obviously locally produced and also indescribably ugly. I'm not
all that familiar with Pink Panther, but I guess you could claim that
these are made in that tradition. And the characters do have pie eyes
on some of them, although the "slices" are very small.

David, does the book you read say anything about if the same comics
are read throughout the Arab world? You mention "the Egyptian MM
weekly". Does this mean it's produced in Egypt and sold in other
countries as well or is it local to Egypt?

I suppose there are no pictures from the "Adventure on Mars" story
in the book? It would really be interesting to see one of these
Egyptian stories...


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