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Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Sun May 8 08:29:04 CEST 1994

On the last chapter of Life of Scrooge not being published in Sweden:

That's right, Don, that information came from Stefan Dios.  Now you
write that Byron Erickson has said that 

> all the publishers will "of course" be using #12... even Sweden,
> though they decided to delay that last chapter EIGHT months until
> Christmas (since it takes place on Christmas Day). They apparently
> wouldn't think of NOT using one of my stories anymore, he says... in
> reader surveys, they are the highest rated stories they use.

Maybe things have changed or I misunderstood or Stefan had
misunderstood, but I think he said it seemed like neither Lo$12 or
"The Duck Who Never Was" would be published in Sweden.  I sure hope
the later info from Byron is correct instead.

> I haven't asked Byron about his attending [a comics con in
> Finland]... but I know he's very busy and has little interest in
> such shows for various reasons, so I'd be surprized if he was there,
> but I hope so.

Also according to Stefan, there will be a panel on how to make comic
books or something like that at the Book & Library fair in Gothenburg
in October where Byron will be, as well as some more Egmont people,
you (Don), Stefan, and Sture Hegerfors.

This panel is not part of the open stuff that everyone at the fair can
attend, but I hope I'll be able to sneak in anyway.
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