Guardians of the Lost Library

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Mon May 9 10:28:09 CEST 1994

About everything has been said about Don's "Guardians of the Lost Library".
I fully agree with the previous posters. I too enjoyed the story that much, 
that I didn't notice the bad colouring and lettering. Except on one point.

On page 2, the oldest JW-guidebook is shown, and a nephew says "you can
barely see the Woodchuck emblem any more!". But in Gladstone's version, we
*do* see the emblem clearly, because it has a very different colour than
the rest of the book...

And one other (minor) remark: the end gag was a bit weak. Why would the 
nephews dance with Scrooge saying "Ha" four times? Isn't that overreacting?
This reminded me of the Egmont stories where someone makes a joke and
then everyone is laughing very exaggeratedly.

But still, I liked the story very much. And I laughed when I saw the "Mickey
Mouse" gag, and the "Barks from barfs" gag too.

So what's wrong with "Barf"? Some people here use the word all the time...


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