Heymans and Van Horn

Gilbert Roser efferd at cs.tu-berlin.de
Mon May 9 12:44:02 CEST 1994

   Date: Sun, 08 May 1994 19:55:41 -0400
   From: David A Gerstein <David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu>

> 	   Furthermore, how do the German ones fit in?  It seems to me
>    they use EVERYTHING Egmont produces, and, due to MM's larger
>    popularity there, they add a Murry reprint almost every week,
>    particularly when they don't have a new Egmont MM story to use.  Or
>    are ALL the countries listed above just wallowing in Murry as well?  I
>    don't get that impression...

> 	   In any event, the German ones usually run about 40-48 pages,
>    although it varies from week to week (with no affect on price).  I
>    believe that this makes an overall larger comic than you get in
>    Finland, because I have a Finnish 45/1991 which is like a shorter
>    version of the German for that week.

In Germany MM is published by Ehapa which belongs to Egmont. It is right that
they use mainly Egmont stories but for Murry stories they use them frequently.
I don't know the reason but I'm sure that it isn't because of there are no
MM stories by Egmont. There are so many Egmont stories which aren't published
in Germany yet. (I think that these have minor quality. Why else aren't they

The German MM page number was until the eighties 42 and is nowadays about 46-54.

-- Gilbert

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