from RoC

Tryg Helseth trygve at
Wed May 11 02:03:43 CEST 1994

OLE wrote:

>*Heidi Ace MacDonald.
> I hope an unsubscribe message will not be your only contribution.
>Us 3-letter-joke-names got to stick together! Welcome aboard, Ace!

><oLe 'RoC' Reichstein Nielsen, c/o Lasse 'Spot' R.N. (lrn at>

I don't understand this.  Could you please explain to me what you mean by 
"3-letter-joke-names?"  Do you mean Heidi is a "HAM?"  For that matter, 
would you mind explaining your name?  Why do you capitalize it that way?  
Does "LRC" have some special meaning?  Who is Lasse Reichstein Nielsen?  Is 
that you or someone else?  (At least I think I get the Lasse / Spot joke,
but oLe / RoC is beyond my understanding... :) )

Desparately in need of a clue...


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