Ole in Disney-comics digest #329.

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Mon May 16 14:07:38 CEST 1994

Ole about Donald's 2000th story:
>  On the FLUX page there are about 24 Donalds, but on the other I can
> find only ONE, unless you are referring to the suspicious-looking guy
> wearing top hat, false(?) beard, and sunglasses? 

That's the one I meant. Remember the Barks story where Donald is disguised
this way?

about The return of Eli Squinch:
> Well, he didn't recognize Mickey and Goofy either. I'm not even sure
> if Bad Pete did.

Maybe the writer didn't even mean him to be Squinch. But the artist made
Squinch out of him. He definitely looks 100% like Squinch.

about Egmont artists:
> [...] But it appears to be by Miguel. I assume he works for
> Tello-Team, as some stories credited to them are similar to his style.
> Also it's one of those "Zoom Transport" stories that, I think it was
> Gary who said so, were being produced by Tello-Team.

Could you tello us some more about "Tello-Team"? Is this a new studio? I
thought Tello worked for the studio "Recreo". Did he start a studio on
his own?


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