Between a RoC and a hard place

Tryg Helseth trygve at
Tue May 17 04:52:17 CEST 1994

><oLe 'RoC' Reichstein Nielsen, c/o Lasse 'Spot' R.N. (lrn at>
>>I don't understand this.  Could you please explain to me what you mean by
>>"3-letter-joke-names?"  Do you mean Heidi is a "HAM?"

> No, I'm not an ORN either. Heidi is an "Ace".

>>For that matter, would you mind explaining your name?  Why do you
>>capitalize it that way?  Does "LRC" have some special meaning?  Who is
>>Lasse Reichstein Nielsen?  Is that you or someone else?  (At least I think
>>I get the Lasse / Spot joke, but oLe / RoC is beyond my understanding... :) )

> No, I'm not an ORN either. Heidi is an "Ace".

>oLe  -> It supposed to be a guy with a big nose who doesn't see too well
>        with his right eye. You try and draw yourself in ASCII!

Oh, I get it now!  I didn't even think of it as a visual joke.

>Ole Reichstein Nielsen -> My first, middle and last name.
>                          I don't have net-access so...
>Lasse Reichstein Nielsen -> My brothers first, middle and last name.
>                            He sends and recieves mail for me.
>RoC  -> My handle. Could mean "Reader of Comics" or "Right on, Commander!"
>        or "Republic of China" or "Red 'ot Chili-peppers" or...

Hey, I was going to guess "Republic of China..." :)  How about "Replies or 

>Spot -> My brothers handle. Not from Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse 5",
>        but Frank Miller's "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns".
>LRC  -> "Lower Right Corner": where to contact me.

Well that certainly beats LuRCing!  

>But if YOU got a Lasse / Spot joke, please tell me (us)!

I don't know how "Lasse" is pronounced, but it looks very similar to 
"Lassie," the dog from the book "Lassie, Come Home!"  Since "Spot" is a 
common English name for a dog, I just put the two together... :)

Thanks for filling me in on this mystery--I have certainly LeaRNed 
mORe thaN I bargined for.  Now I have to figure out how to draw myself
in ASCII...

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