Thursday, Matena, Norwegian #1 (Re: From RoC)

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Tue May 17 18:47:29 CEST 1994

Ole about "An education for Thursday":

> And in December, 1950
> came a follow-up (panels are shown on the back of Norwegian issue)
> where Mickey and Goofy, the Great Totem, visit Thursday and Friday,
> by Bill Wright alone?

Could this be the story "Tom-tom Island" from Mickey Mouse Four Color 304,
drawn by Riley Thompson?

> Young Americans
> ---------------
>  Mikko:
> >    They also published a fan-letter right after your 'first'
> >    story (not Son Of the Sun) in Finland was published. The
> >    writer asked who the incredible artist-with-odd-style was
> >    and they answered it was 'young American called Don Rosa.'
>  I already mentioned two stories about a Norwegian viking, Grote Pyr
> ("Big Pete"), by Dutch artist Dick Matena here. A third album, drawn
> in a much later style, and first published in 1988(?) is called...
> "De Zoon van de Zon". Can you correct me on the date, Harry?

It took a while before I saw the connection with Mikko's story: "De Zoon
van de Zon" is Dutch for "The Son of the Sun".
I'll look up the date in a Dutch comic book catalogue.

> Quiz
> ----
> 2) Has Donald Duck #1/1948 - the first Norwegian Donald book - been
>    reprinted more than one time?

The Dutch once published an article with the covers of all kinds of foreign
Disney magazines. The Scandinavian ones were all first issues or 'facsimiles'
of first issues. On the Norwegian first issue, a text was written:

	"Congratulations on your world record. Carl Barks"

Which world record was he referring to?


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