Best Writer/Artist or Cartoonist

Fredrik Ekman d91fe at
Wed May 18 01:14:00 CEST 1994

Greg wrote:
> William Van Horn was nominated as best cartoonist for his work in WDC&S.
> Don "No Respect" Rosa was not nominated.

And later, in reply to me:
> I double-checked.  The actual cateogry is "Writer/Artist or Cartoonist".
> I suspect the difference between Wartist and Cartoonist is style and
> humor content.

OK, but why would this make us upset that Don won't get no award. Sure,
I agree that he deserves one and I agree that this category would be
appropriate, but why can't we instead be overjoyed that ANY quality
Disney comics get this kind of attention?

Please keep us informed as to the results.


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