Disney-comics digest #331.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Wed May 18 06:47:48 CEST 1994

	Wow! All that trouble to find an U$ #219! It's a mighty strange
feeling to find out that things like that concerning one of my comics is
going on on the opposite side of the planet, and I'm completely unaware
of it.
	My use of the name "Fonebone" harkens back to where I assume
Jeff Smith got it from as well. It's a name oft used by Don Martin
("MAD's maddest artist") in his stuff dating back over 30 years at
	You want some CAPTAIN KENTUCKYs? What's your address?

	Wow! I can't wait to get those comics. THANX. I'll let you know
when they show up. And your address is on the package, of course.

	Had I failed to pass along the name and COMPUSERVE address of
another party interested in receiving these Digests? Here:
	Stephanie Cranfill  -  72122,1344

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