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Harry mentioned that "Tom-Tom Island" from Mickey Mouse Four Color 304
was drawn by Riley Thompson, which led to questions from Mark and
David, who knew Riley Thompson only for his work in animation.
(I don't think I've seen "The Little Whirlwind", btw.  That seems to
be a loss!)

I knew nothing about him except that I recognized his name as a not
very prolific Disney comics artists and I didn't know what he had
done, but here is what I've found (as Mark asked about it):
(I've listed all American reprints I know of.)

FC 282 (Donald Duck One-Shot also containing Barks's Pixilated Parrot):
	DD Pig in a Poke (26 pages)

FC 286 (Mickey Mouse One-Shot):
	MM and the Uninvited Guest (28 pages)
		(Probably inked by Buettner according to Becattini.)
		Reprinted in Gladstone's Mickey Mouse Digest 4.

FC 291 (Donald Duck One-Shot also containing Barks's Magic Hourglass):
	DD The Spirit of '76 (20 pages)

FC 304 (Mickey Mouse One-Shot):
	MM Tom-Tom Island (29 pages)

FC 308 (Donald Duck One-Shot also containing Barks's Dangerous Disguise):
	Kjell Cron'e calls the last one-pager "The bird house" and says
	it is drawn by Riley Thompson.  Alberto Becattini calls it
	"Power Tools" and says it's by an unknown artist whom he calls
	"(MICKEY 6)".

FC 331 (Alice in Wonderland):
	Alice in Wonderland (48 pages, inked by Bob Grant?)
		Reprinted in Dell Junior Treasure 1 (1955),
		Gold Key's Alice in Wonderland (1965),
		and Whitman's Alice in Wonderland (1982).

Christmas Parade 2 (November 1950):
	Pluto's Sweater (8 pages)
		Reprinted in Gold Key's CP 5 and Disney's Holiday Parade 1.
		Becattini and Cron'e agree, but our Gladstone/Disney
		index says that it's McSavage's art.  Is that what the
		credits say?
	Gus and Jaq (The Castle Caper OR Visiting Cinderella) (8 pages)
		Reprinted in WDCD 17.
		Pencilled by RT and inked by Buettner according to

Christmas Parade 4 (November 1952):
	Brer Rabbit (Glass bottom boat OR Monsters of the deep) (8 pages)

WDC 121--124, 126--128:
	The Grandma Duck stories.
WDC 126:
	Donald Duck story.

My sources are Kjell Crone's index (available at the ftp site),
Alberto Becattini's book The Disney Index (vol. 1), NAFS(k)uriren #9
(with short (then) new info on various artists), and "our" Gladstone
and Disney Comics index.

As you can see not many of these stories have been reprinted recently.

I'm looking forward to the bright future when we'll just have to write
something like "For stories by Riley Thompson, list publications in
the USA" to automatically connect to the Master Index, extract the
information and then present it.
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