Riley Thompson and Matena's vikings

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Wed May 18 17:39:04 CEST 1994

Riley Thompson
Per Starback wrote:
> I'm looking forward to the bright future when we'll just have to write
> something like "For stories by Riley Thompson, list publications in
> the USA" to automatically connect to the Master Index, extract the
> information and then present it.

Well, in the near future we will have something that looks remotely similar:
a program that can be called like "DIZNIREP W RT" and then will list all
stories written and/or drawn by RT for editor Western, with all the USA
reprints listed.
I almost could have produced your list, except for two "minor" things:

1. The program DIZNIREP has a few bugs (it's too slow and lists too much)
2. I don't have all the data in the database. Crone and Gladstone data
   is included, but I still don't have that @#$% Becattini index 8-(

David is reviewing the data in the Disney comics Database, and I expect
the first version to be available next week (on ftp).

Matena's Vikings
Ole asked about a Dick Matena story (sorry, non-disney stuff here).
There were four stories in the series "Grote Pyr" (Peer Viking in German).
Story 1: album 1973, reprinted 1987
Story 2: album 1976, reprinted 1988
Story 3: album 1979!, reprinted 1988. The reprint album was only in German,
	Danish and Finnish (not even in Dutch). This is "The Son of the Sun"
Story 4: first published in a comic magazine in 1989. Album reprint (German
	only) in 1991. "The Iron Lady"

Apparently, that Viking was more popular in Germany and Denmark than in 

The only disney-comics related remark I can make about Matena is that he
still draws Li'l Wolf stories. He admitted a few years ago in an interview
that he was surprised the editors still bought his stuff. He only does it
for the money, so that he can spend the rest of his time making experimental
comics that don't sell.

You can imagine what the quality of his Wolf stories is...


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