Mikke Mus #11

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Tue Nov 1 23:47:24 CET 1994

Mikke Mus #11

As I've said earlier, the Norwegian monthly magazine "Mikke Mus" is
usually quiet bad,  and this one is not outstanding in any ways.

It opens with a Mickey Mouse story where the police of Duckburg (yes,
Mickey lives in Duckburg, or rather Andeby) is having a basketball
match for charity. Mickey is part of the team (Mickey Mouse on a 
basketball team...). This year they are challenged by the bad guys in
prison. Peg Leg Pete is one of them. The police lose the match, Mickey
is stuck in the basket, the policemen are locked into their wardrobe,
the bad guys steal the policecar, Mickey handle the situation on his
own... bla bla bla. 10 pages. (D91418)
   This is one of the Mickey stories you Americans don't want to see.

Next is Duck Tales story. A Danish one. Not too bad. Quiet interesting 
actually. Both Donald and Rotor participates, BTW. They are all going
to Sibiria (in Russia...) to find the most seldom bird in the world.

  Nephews: Which bird is the most seldom in the world, uncle Scrooge?
  Scrooge: Maybe your uncle Donald?

On their way they pass Moscow, and Kremlin. Hmmm... there are a lot of
colours in Kremlin, but not _that_ much. And the Vasilij Cathedral is 
not on the inside of the walls.
They reach Sibiria, finds a goose (the bird), but when they try to 
photograph it from the plane, Rotor flies into a couple of trees, and
the wings brake off. Then, on the ground, they are attacked by wolfs,
saved by a couple of Russians with horses, sent out in a space ship,
because the Russians think they are the kosmonauts they are waiting
for. They land on the planet Kronos, where they find a nest with
square eggs! Then they are attacked by the eggs parents, which are not
hens. They are big and ugly, and lack feathers.
They return to the earth, and find the plane repaired by the Russians. 
When they leaves for home, they find a goose, on a nest, among the cargo
in the plane. 16 pages. (D89179)

Next is a five page story with Donald. He's going to a costume ball 
with Daisy, and is, as always, late when it comes to finding a costume.
The only thing left is a fish costume. The problems start when he falls 
into a container heading for a canning factory. He arrives at the ball
in a big can. (D93292)

The last one is a one-pager with Donald. (D93307)

A magazine called "Mikke Mus" with one Mouse story, and three Duck

Now I've got Donald Duck #288 at last. Still waiting for the latest
WDC&S. Maybe I should subscribe to them directly from Gladstone...

One day left til Don's coming :-)

   Jorgen A. Bangor (jorgenb at ifi.uio.no) 

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