The 313

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at
Tue Nov 8 01:44:12 CET 1994

The 313
I'm planning to build a model of Donald's car. In 1/24, I guess.
A lot of it will have to be built from scratch, of course (I've 
never even heard of a kit of this car), but I could probably
use some parts from an existing kit.
    The problem is: What kind of car is the 313?
I believe it's a Ford Model A Roadster, the one without roof,
and a hidden rear seat. It also has to be an early one, since 
the radiator grill is quite round shaped. I would guess it's from
28 or 29, but that's not too important. They're not that 
different (I mean all of them, from 28 to 31).
    There is one objection to this, though. In one of Barks' 
stories where Donald is playing with a chemistry set (not
"The mad chemist", he's inventing something, at least in Norway,
called "Donaldite". A chemical which react very exergonic when 
heated. He's testing it in the car, which makes the engine take off,
in high speed, through the radiator. As far as I remember, this
engine does not look like the big four-in-a-row of the Model A.
It looks more like the neat V8 (it _is_ a quite small engine) of
the Ford V8, which followed the Model A.
    Any opinions? Geir probably knows something about this (I've
never seen his book of Duckmobiles).

If I use a kit of a Model A, I will probably use the frame, the 
engine, the radiator, the hood, and the headlamps. I can probably
use some of the interior details to. The body and the wings will
have to be built from scratch. I will also have to find new wheels.
The high wheels of the Model A doesn't look much like Donald's.
Model airplane wheels will probably be suitable for this. 

My parents have a Model A Tudor Sedan from 1931, so it won't be 
difficult to find out about details of the real Model A. It's harder
with the Duckmobile...

If anyone have ever given this matter a thought, I would be grate-
ful if you let me know what you have found out.

Hmmm... what can I do with a Model A body...


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