Disney-comics digest #485.

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Wed Nov 9 11:23:16 CET 1994

Real people in Disney comics
> I don't remember any stories which mentions real world people

There are real human beings in the Scamp and Hiawatha stories. And there
were some in the old Barks Donald Duck stories: Madame Triple-X etc. Geoffrey
Blum once wrote an article about that. After a while, Barks wasn't allowed
to use real humans in his comics any more.
(It may be an interesting exercise to find out in which stories Barks
_still_ used humans. I remember some places where Barks caricatured
himself, for instance.)

> BTW: Is Freddy Milton's story, "The Big Sneeze" (H8001), ever published
> in Scandinavia?

On this list, we found out that there are at least 4 and possibly 5 versions
of the story! The non-Disney versions (Kalle Klodrik, Woody Woodpecker,
Family Gnuff) may have been published in Norway.

Trips to Holland
David: you're very welcome to Leidschendam in December. But I'm not sure
I am at home during and after Christmas, so you better visit me before or
after that. Somewhere between Dec. 17 and 23, or after Jan. 2. Please tell
me when you plan to visit me, so I can take a day off.

BTW: any foreign member is invited to visit me in Holland.

Dwight: Eindhoven is too far from Leidschendam, so I don't think I see you
when you visit Holland. Also, Eindhoven is not the best place to look for
comics, but maybe you find something of interest in the only comic shop
there: "Eppo" (I forgot its address right now).

> And like the DD 106 appearance, his hair 
> is thicker.  I'm willing to bet that this is how Fethry FIRST looked -- 
> after all, that French comic noted that he first appeared in 1965, 
> didn't it?

That was in France. The first stories were made in 1963. Was this before or
after DD 106 / WDC 304?

>     In these stories Donald's nephews are often replaced by a 
> white cat (Mons in Norway). The cat hates Fethry, and tries to 
> hide every time Fethry pass by.

This cat has always been brown in Holland. His name here is Tobber.
There are also a few stories where the cat _and_ HDL appear.
I don't think the cat is from some old WDC story. I think he has 
been specially developed for the Fethry stories.

The Dutch introduced Fethry in 1965. He has not been seen after 1974 in the
'regular' comics. Nowadays, he may be in the pocket books that reprint
Italian stories.
I have never seen an Egmont Fethry story.

Some other character
Does anyone know of a black talking bird that lived with Goofy in the
(I think early 50s) sunday newspaper strips? His Dutch name is Leo de Beo.
The Dutch made some gags and stories with this bird themselves, including
one about Supergoof contra Superbeo...

David and I were discussing stories drawn by Jose Colomer Fonts and
Scalabroni. I don't have the stories David mentioned, but I am sure
JCF worked for Holland since 1983, and went to work for
Egmont as well, later on. Maybe Scalabroni also worked for Holland.
By the way: GP told be that people like Vicar and Colomer Fonts
have a studio. So Scalabroni could be in JCF's studio, just inking 
the stories, while the pencils are by JCF, or so.

There's so much more to comment about, and so little time... (I, like
Fredrik, tried to go into semi-lurker mode, but it doesn't work...)
I'll be back!

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