Goofy's raven tallmo at
Wed Nov 9 20:52:42 CET 1994

>Does anyone know of a black talking bird that lived with Goofy in the
>(I think early 50s) sunday newspaper strips? His Dutch name is Leo de Beo.
>The Dutch made some gags and stories with this bird themselves, including
>one about Supergoof contra Superbeo...


I have a Christmas album in Swedish from 1962 with Goofy and that bird. But
this black raven, who really his a hip cat, only appears in one of the
strips. Was he a regular character? He has no name here. Do you know who
the artist was?

BTW, there are some real people here too. Goofy dreams he is a maharadja
with a harem - of real girls it seems!


KARL-ERIK TALLMO, Swedish writer, journalist, critic and HyperCard
programmer, living in Stockholm. Contributor of articles to Nordic dailies
and magazines. Writes about music, literature and computers. Also DTP,
Swedish grammar checking, translation, etc. through the private firm NISUS

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