Disney-comics digest #486.

Bev Keddy nstn1173 at fox.nstn.ca
Thu Nov 10 00:37:54 CET 1994

I was pleased to see Don Rosa back on the list after being away for a week 
or so.  I was also happy to see him acknowledge li'l ol' me.  I have 
enjoyed Mr. Rosa's work since the early '80's, when I was subscribing to 
the Comics Reader (can he tell me why it was cancelled?  It just stopped 
coming about 10 years ago and I never got a single word of explanation, 
which ticked me off).  I liked his Captain Kentucky very much as well as 
his information column in TCR.

I was very interested to hear that the "Lost Charts of Columbus" would 
partly take place in Nova Scotia.  Did he select NS because of some plot 
requirement (something about our history, for example?) or did he just want 
some "exotic" locale?  Just wondering.  Also, does he have any idea when 
Gladstone might publish it?

One correction I would like to make, though:  Don referred to me as "her".  
I'm a 30-year old male, truth to tell.  I wonder if he's embarrassed right 
about now?
 Bev Keddy
 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
 Email:nstn1173 at fox.nstn.ca

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